Mootral™ is a natural feed supplement for reducing methane emissions from cows by at least 30%. It provides a new market mechanism which enables these reductions to be scaled-up globally – incorporating both a CowCredit and a new Climate-Smart Cow standard.

Mootual Benefits

Empowering the global farming community and governments. Growing the economic value of agriculture and industry. Giving consumers the freedom to choose beef and dairy products that positively impact the environment.

From farm to fork, Mootral™ creates value for all stakeholders in the livestock industry.

We call this Mootual benefits: a win-win-win-win for farmers, businesses, governments and consumers.

Farmer Benefits

  • Achieve higher prices for beef and dairy
  • Protect beef and dairy consumption levels
  • Unlock additional revenue sources from industry and public (CowCredits)
  • Get happier and healthier cows
  • Immediate, significant improvement of carbon footprint

Business Benefits

  • Achieve significant sales growth in beef and dairy categories
  • Leverage cow credits to achieve higher sales of products and services
  • Improve Corporate carbon footprint

Consumer Benefits

  • Continue to enjoy real beef and dairy products
  • Voluntarily contribute to reduce carbon emissions
  • Support local farming communities

Government Benefits

  • Curb climate change and achieve carbon reduction commitments
  • Avoid fines and levies
  • Protect and support agricultural sector
  • Pioneer a market mechanism versus taxation and nanny stateism
  • Maintain voter support